A kiss under the mistletoe

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Robine Talboom Lotte Haverkamp

Voor Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds

"Kiss me under the mistletoe"

Kiss your loved one (or a stranger) under the biggest and most beautiful mistletoe at the Haarlemse Kerstmarkt (9-11 December) and donate for Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds. This Fund Foundation provides a welcoming place for families with sick children to rest, just steps away from the hospital. A lot of parents and their children need our support. Let’s make their lives a bit easier, every single euro counts.

Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known holiday tradition, but the history of this popular Christmas decoration as a symbolic herb, dates back thousands of years:

  • In ancient culture, mistletoe was used for its healing properties;
  • The Druids believed mistletoe provided protection from all evil and that the oaks it was seen growing on, were honored as well;
  • Norsemen believed the mistletoe was a plant of peace, when enemies met under the mistletoe, they were obliged to stop fighting for at least a day.
  • In England, young girls took a mistletoe leaf and put it under their pillows at night. They would then supposedly dream about a particular man they would marry someday;
  • In the 18th century, mistletoe became associated with Christmas from the tradition of hanging mistletoe in one’s home to bring good luck and peace to those within the house.

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